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Educational-scientific-industrial portal «Rudana»

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автор: Олег Хоменко


автор: Олег Хоменко








L. Kolesnik

International academic mobility of students


V. Trotner

Krivoy Rog – it is not only the mines

О. Khomenko

The phenomenon of zonal disintegration of rocks

O. Kosharnaya

Everything is going according to plan. Russian

A. Klukowskаy

Intellectual confusion

M. Kononenko

Automation of drill and blast design

S. Isachenko

«Frozen» giant behind barbed wire

М. Pereyaslavets

Scientists are still hoping that they will hear

V. Russkiah

Software for control of mine ventilation

А. Koksharov

Uranium fever

Academician Gennady PivnyakG. Pivnyak

Algorithm of preparation of specialists in mining

Miners all countries, unite!О. Khomenko

Modern Internet-technologies & mining of Ukraine

Отходы в доходы! S. Storchak

Paradoxes in the dumps

There was a doctor, but the amateur becameL. Kolesnik

Doktorant, he is which am

Burn-burn clear! A. Dronov

Power independence of Ukraine and its ecological price

Pill from power dependenceS. Isachenko

Offshore of uranium million

From what part not look, but truth at each it!Y. Sadlak

Instrument for the improvement of higher education

The masterpieces of art are immortal!P. Baranov

Dzhespilitovaya room: to be or be not?

V. Russkih

Planning of mines by modern software

Strain a bend - will win over a crisis!Y. Pihnovska

Strain bends

Light at the end of tunnelО. Khomenko

Ukrainian nuclear university

Where will not go - in a deadlock will get!S. Umanskiy

Uranium deadlocks…

President of the Kiev Mohyla academy Sergey KvitS. Kvit

Innovations as norm of educational reforms

Innovative radiation S. Shevchenko

Novations in the scientifically-pedagogical personnel training at NMU

Without a modern technique nothing will turn out!O.Khomenko

What will help underground Kryvbassu?

Allma & Mater L. Bulavin

Who in an university the most important? No, no rector 

Departed! With god O. Khomenko

Ukraine is treasury of mineral resources or exhausted raw material appendage?

However much you twist, and with water, fighting is needed!A. Vladiko

How do zaporozhian miners contest with water?

Professor Vladimir SalovV. Salov

Evolution of structure of higher mountain education

All-seeing eye of synergetics O. Khomenko

Miners arm with synergetic

Remote control is the future of mining machines!М. Коnоnеnkо

Is yntellektualyzatsyya of mountain machines a myth or reality?

Academician Valery RubakovE. Balackiy

Applied solidity. Theoretical bubbles at the market of scientific researches

An universe generated mining businessO. Khomenko

Laws of the universe & mining

Priceless treasure of mining labourO. Кhomenko

As Germans in working faces humidify the dust?

Desoxyribonucleic acid E. Khomenko

Mineral substances & health of the person

On the industrial ground of mine № 9/10 O. Khomenko

Pro and con closing in Ukraine of manganese-ore mines

Alarm systemM. Kononenko

Modern techniques on ore mines of the world


If you are not present in the Internet – you in general are not present 


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Completion of the library portal «Rudana»
Just published a new textbook (Physicochemical geotechnology / N. Tabachenko, A. Vladiko, O. Khomenko, D. Maltsev – D.: NМU, 2012. – 310 p.). Reviewers were M.S. Сhetveric, Ph.D., senior researcher Fellow, Professor, Head of Department of geomechanical main mining IGTM them. N.S. Polyakov NAS and V.V. Tsarikovskiy, Ph.D., senior researcher employee, department head, underground mining and geomechanics Enterprise «Research Institute of Mining».


А. Koksharov
Uranium fever
Consumption of uranium in the coming decades will grow rapidly. To ensure long-term needs nuclear power plants, mining companies are actively competing for control of stocks of raw materials. Beginning in 2010 marked the high-profile events in the uranium industry. The Chinese company CNNC, specializing in nuclear energy, in late January announced it would acquire 37 percent stake in the project development of uranium ore in Niger. A week later it announced the purchase of Canadian company Khan Resources, which develops uranium deposits in Mongolia (bypassed, thus, Russia's "Atomredmetzoloto"). In Niger, the beginning of a major project of the French Areva (in the extraction of uranium ore will be invested 1.5 billion dollars).

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