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Educational-scientific-industrial portal «Rudana»


We are glad to string contacts with you!

We are always ready to the collaboration, write and ring us! The educationally-scientifically-production portal of «Rudana» offers to you the auditori from the business and science elite of Ukraine. E-mail:, web: Multichannel telephone, unfortunately, is only installed a. Detailer information about the spheres of activity of services of portal it is possible to get in a section «About us» on a cossack village «Organizers of project»

автор: Олег Хоменко


koordinator_rudana coordinator of project is the general co-ordinating of work of portal
analitik_rudana analyst of project is ways of development and expansion of sphere of activity
tehnolog_rudana technologist of project - on questions of functioning of library
consultant_ua consultant of project - on questions of software
gemmolog_rudana gemmolog project - on geological and to the gemmological questions
innovacii_rudana specialist on innovations – on the innovative sphere of portal
filolog_rudana editor of project – on philological questions of work of portal
secretar_rudana secretary of project is operative connection with all of services of portal


People turn to us just in case, but rather on Mining


We are glad to string contacts with you!

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Plug devices
Designers of lighting systems, lighting designers, designers, electricians, installers, installers of automation systems, as well as specialists of the internal communications services of homes, buildings and institutions. Of course the most important issue is the use of a plug-in device and wiring for lighting systems.


М. Pereyaslavets
Scientists are still hoping that they will hear
Recently held traditional VII Academic reading the memory of Professor Vitaliy Strikha (1931-1999), prominent Ukrainian physicist and educator, initiator of the establishment and first president of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine. Over the past years, these readings have become a prominent forum of university science, which gives an idea of the priority issues to address are working today Ukrainian scientists.

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