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Rudana & World

автор: Олег Хоменко

An educationally-scientifically-production portal first in Ukraine «Rudana» 27 September, 2008 went out on an international level. Due to it at the users of our resource possibility of unlimited access in a whole world was opened. Through URL You freely can use a resource on Ukraine and in fellow creature foreign, and on farther distances there can be complications with the search of portal, opening of appendixes and speed of connecting. URL – provides trouble-free and speed access in any point of earth. Insignificant distinctions in registration of main pages will help you to be right oriented in connecting. For comfort of permanent users work of interface of portal is left without the change.


Project and represents on the pages the only specialized information in mining business, that attracts the only certain contingent of users, and every client-user of portal purposefully and it is realized is attracted by a certain subject. By additional advantage of all placed on a mining portal and (if they get there) there is their direct thematic belonging. Your site, advertising either information about you will not appear in the company of pornographic resources or sites violating the legislation of Ukraine. In the light of existence of great number of "sites-dumps", where is automatically adopted any site! It is a not unimportant factor in the conditions of existence of the unregulated borrowing of information, references and advertising.


A thematic exchange remains references by the effective method of increase of «weight» of sites in the eyes of the searching systems and more intensive bringing in of additional users by virtue of the thematic belonging which we develop intensively. To the function to be registered or allow to write the letter of administration of project to find out, in what section, size and in what kind you wish to take place at us and get additional possibilities in the fight against competitors on Topu of searching delivery. In the future we also intensively plan to inculcate innovative developments in the «Rudana project», improving and extending the spectrum of informative services. We are opened for intercourse and is waited Your suggestions, recommendations and remarks!

Daily addition of fresh information to the pages of portal is a law for us. New sections are entered, already existing sections are complemented, photos are replaced, data are filling in and inaccuracies are removed. More substantial transformations are represented in the news of portal such as opening of international access, presentation of project in towns of Ukraine etc. Besides the news of portal you can familiarize with project partners’ news which are given at the end of subsections and are selected by a vinous color. Dividing of «News» section on subsections - news of portal, Ukrainian and international, and of section «Analysis» on subsections - education and science, innovative developments, production and technologies – is executed on your requests. Placing of portal structure on the main page is executed for simplification of search. All subsections are filling in with moving pictures and photos. Also on your recommendations the name of portal was simplified.


Since 2009 year the «Rudana portal» set to work on delivery of news. For subscribers possibilities of receipt of information were opened along with more than with 100 higher educational establishments of Ukraine, 50 research and 10 project organizations, and similarly almost by 200 major industrial concerns of our country. Educational and scientific establishments, and also production enterprises of Russia, Kazakhstan and Byelorussia, are plugged in the number of delivery. The list of subscribers is intensively filled up presently. you can fill up him, entering the electronic addresses of the subdivisions in the right lower corner of main page of portal, in a section «Be in a course all news of portal». Your attention get news and analytical prognoses on the most actual questions of development of educational, scientific and production spheres of activity of Ukraine.



Rudana & Legends

Legends about ore, miners, Rudana, Krivoy Rog

Rudana & Ukraine

Sphere activity of portal

Rudana & Organizers

Organizers of project



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