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Educational-scientific-industrial portal «Rudana»

Organizers of project

автор: Олег Хоменко

Operation and development project «Rudana» carry services that cover the main areas of activity of the portal. Total organizational management implements service coordination, in which we operate Advisory Board, which includes the heads of the project and invited outside experts. Operative decision of the board is binding on service project – analysts, technology, administration, gemology, innovation, and editing and project secretariat.


Service Coordination

The project coordinator is responsible for the development prospects of interaction with partners, the relationship between the services, the implementation of duties of personnel, financial support and other strategic issues of development of the portal. Monitors the accuracy of the information received from partners and service portal. Responsible for the approbation, review, patenting, innovation attractiveness level, the optimal solution, forecasts and risks, develop recommendations and the overall quality of Web services. Responsible for the content relevance and timeliness of information «News» and «Analysis», realizes the cooperation and the functioning of the electronic library. Chairs the advisory board. Implements technological cooperation on the subject «Development of deposits of iron, uranium and manganese ores and associated minerals».


Service Intelligence

Service Intelligence is headed analyst of the project. His responsibilities include developing strategic plans for the project, monitoring of operational data on the media, according to news reports, analytical predictions, new forms of providing information on the Internet, identifying new sources of information, evaluation rating of web resources. Leads directory of these resources. They also tracked news rating, the reaction to these public authorities, public, media and other factors affecting the quality of the analytical predictions. Implements technological cooperation on the subject «Development of deposits of iron, uranium and manganese ore in the complex hydro geological conditions».


Services technology

Service technology is headed technologist of the project. His duties include collecting, preparing and providing data on technological cooperation with project partners, the implementation of the relationship with Web users, the operation of electronic libraries and the timely filling of new publications. Tracks the emergence of the Internet for new web libraries, publications and other specialized resources. Leads directory of these resources. Makes suggestions on the advisory board to provide customers with users free access to the library portal. Implements technological cooperation on the subject «Development of iron ore deposits».


Services Administration

Service Administration is headed by the Project Administrator. His responsibilities include issues of progressive development portal. Performs analysis of raising the rating, the susceptibility of the search engines, work counters attendance. Communicates with the manufacturer's instructions regarding the introduction of new software modules, improvements are already working, troubleshoot problems, inaccuracies and add new features offered by the advisory board of the project. Responsible for the timely and proper filling of data storage on the server. Monitors the incoming and outgoing documentation relating to the manufacture and improvement of the portal, timely payment of hosting and domain names of the portal. Performs administration of the directory business in Ukraine. Brings to the Advisory Board on issues of facility location site, banner ads and cross-references. Implements technological cooperation on the subject «Development of deposits of uranium ore».


Gemology Service

Service is headed by a gemologist gemology project (gemology – the science of precious stones). Carries out the relationship with the partners of the geological profile. Implements technological cooperation in areas, «Geological and economic evaluation of reserves of raw gems», «Consulting in the field of diagnostics, treatment and evaluation of precious stones, decorative arts and jewelry».


Service Innovation

Service innovation is headed by a specialist in the management of innovation, ie the development of competitive production of goods and services on the basis of scientific and technological achievements. His duties include assessing the degree of innovation attractiveness of technological solutions, the relationship with the organizations that generate conferences, exhibitions and publishing innovative. Leads directory of activities and organizations. Tracks the emergence of the Internet for new forms of cooperation in innovation. Covers the methodology and organization innovation. Implements technological cooperation in the direction of «Treatment and natural stone products, processing and cutting of precious stones, production of souvenirs and jewelry».


Edit Service

Service is headed by Editor-editing project. His duties include assessing the information being prepared on the adequacy of meaning, the quality of translations and adaptations, terminology and vocabulary, grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation. Proper use of acronyms, abbreviations, translations. Implements the structuring and formatting text.


Secretariat Project

The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary of the project. His duties included ordering and storage of documentation on the project, keeping track of timing and volume of works and correspondence with project partners. Organization of the relationship between the services of the project.


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Designers of lighting systems, lighting designers, designers, electricians, installers, installers of automation systems, as well as specialists of the internal communications services of homes, buildings and institutions. Of course the most important issue is the use of a plug-in device and wiring for lighting systems.


S. Storchak
Paradoxes in the dumps
Stable operation of one of the leading sectors of the economy, providing a quarter of commodity production and half of foreign exchange revenue (and sometimes even 90%), depends primarily on the stable supply of raw materials. The sin of complaining, with iron ore we are lucky train. In its reserves of Ukraine – one of the richest countries in the world. But permanent primary conflicts between domestic metallurgical companies indicate that «many» – is not necessarily «good».

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