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Dnipropetrovsk city organization of employers

автор: Олег Хоменко

Business – representation and protection of economic, social, labor and other interests of employers in Dnipropetrovsk, information and analytical software and predictive staffing businesses in the highly skilled specialists of the newest specialties and support for gifted students, to facilitate its further employment.

Creating an organization. Dnipropetrovsk city employers' organization founded in September 2002 she is a public non-profit association and operates on principles of voluntary membership and equality of all its members, employers of Dnipropetrovsk.

Membership. Members of the organization may be businesses and organizations of any ownership, combined a desire to mutually beneficial partnerships among themselves and with higher educational institutions of the city, working with local authorities.


Main activities:
1. Representing the interests of employers in Dnipropetrovsk in the economic and socio-labor relations at the local and regional-sectoral level, the protection of their legitimate rights and interests.
2. Promoting the integration and understanding of employers in Dnipropetrovsk, strengthening their social partners.
3. Provision of legal, economic and organizational assistance to members of the organization in the development of their business activities, implementing effective technologies and efficient use of resources.
4. Collection and processing of proposals on employers Dnipropetrovsk changes to the regulatory legal acts on entrepreneurial activity.
5. Participation in the development and introduction of proposals on draft laws and regulations of state and local governments on taxation, finance, regulation, health and safety, social security, pension reform, the development of labor law, foreign economic activity of businesses.
6. Lobbying priority rights of entrepreneurs in Dnipropetrovsk on receipt of orders for the production of goods and services in the city and region.
7. Organization and conduct:
- сonferences, seminars, consultations, round tables, trainings for its members on their professional activities;
- тraining, internships, courses for upgrading the educational level, skills and professionalism of the members of the leadership and personal employer-members.

8. Assistance in implementation of programs to prevent urban unemployment, the formation of a rational structure of employment, improvement of training and skills development.
9. Create an information database of legal documents on business; data bank on specialties and areas of training in higher educational institutions in Dnipropetrovsk, winner of the best research to develop «intelligence-creativity-success». Introduction of members with information and statistical materials from the Dnipropetrovsk city organization of employers.
10. Implementation and development of analytical and predictive studies of the mechanism of formation and dynamics of changes in consumer demand in the market of intellectual work, the implementation of a comprehensive program of employment of young specialists - graduates of Dnipropetrovsk.
11. Conduct contests «Intelligence-Creativity-success» of talented young people – graduate students of higher educational institutions in Dnipropetrovsk and young professionals, with the subsequent invitation of winners for their projects in business structures.
12. Assistance to university students of Dnipropetrovsk in the provision of places for practical training in firms and enterprises of the city.
13. Assisting members of Dnipropetrovsk city organization of employers with advice and information on compliance with labor laws.
14. Preparation and production of electronic information and advertising newsletter Dnipropetrovsk city employers' organizations.


Promoting European integration and international cooperation. Since its inception, Dnipropetrovsk city employers' organization has chosen its priorities the formation of the European principles of domestic entrepreneurship, establishing contacts with foreign investors, development co-operation with the Confederation of European Associations of small and medium-sized businesses. Considerable attention is paid to learning and practice of the European employers' organizations in the formation of target orders higher education institutions for training and employment of highly skilled elite of modern knowledge.

«Ask the employers – offering higher education»

The motivation and rationale of the program of qualitative changes of dynamics of the labor market indicates a growing demand for specialists in intellectual makers (managers, economists, marketers, engineers) and high-level professionals middle managers (engineers, foremen and workers). Existing employment services and employment (both public and private) are predominantly fixed the situation on the labor market and labor relations. As a rule, directing prospective employee to employers, such services do not include the full range of customer requirements for future employee and, moreover, do not give a specific guarantee of employment. The most vulnerable category of applicants for the first job are university graduates. Sometimes talented young professionals can find not only acceptable payment for their relatively high capacity, but also a decent place to work. This situation gives rise to uncontrolled migration and the notorious «brain drain» from Ukraine. In addition, in some cases falling motivation for higher education and as a consequence, organizations, institutions, companies and enterprises are not able to provide quality and worthy of completion of specialist personnel present level. Modern business is ready to offer new forms of cooperation with universities in the form of the target order, financial support and the support of the future expert, which in addition guarantees employment should accordingly have a high level of intellectual development, the specific knowledge and skills to effectively apply them in the interests of inviting his organization. Given this situation seems to be justified and motivated by the objective-monitoring and predictive analysis of changes in the employment market situation of graduates, coordinating through the city's employers' organization issues of supply and demand.

Competition «Intelligence – Creativity – Success»

The main objectives of the competition are to identify talented students, promote their professional development, creation of a personnel reserve of young professionals. The contest is designed to intensify the exchange of scientific ideas, to stimulate advanced research in various fields to help employers meet future professionals already on their stage of learning in higher education, to enable students to express themselves fully. The competition is open to students III–V courses, studying full-time, evening or part time, and young scientists and graduate students of urban universities III–IV accreditation levels, regardless of their form of ownership and departmental affiliation. Participate in the contest can also be creative teams of undergraduate and graduate students. Аt the Palace of the Dnipropetrovsk National University students held a ceremony awarding the winners and finalists of the traditional city of competition «Intelligence – Creativity – Success» the best scientific and practical development among young professionals, graduate students and graduate students of higher educational institutions of Dnipropetrovsk.


Competition established by the city of Dnipropetrovsk employers' organization in 2002 and is supported by the Department of Education and Science of Dnipropetrovsk City Council, under the patronage of Mayor Ivan Ivanovich Kulichenko. The last contest was held in the context of European integration aspirations of Ukraine and is intended to promote innovative projects of students of Dnipropetrovsk. The contest became a distinct production orientation, dictated by the real problems faced by employers, thus significantly increase the number of sponsors, partners, including leading enterprises and organizations of Dnipropetrovsk and well-known international companies Ukrsibbank, Privatbank, MSA «Ukraine-Canada», the French Cultural Center Dnipropetrovsk «Alliance Française», the French Embassy in Ukraine, JSC «Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsk Pipe Plant», Corporation «Agro-Soyuz», Corporation «Micron», Agrocorporation «Steppe», Investment Corporation «Sphere», Industrial and Financial Concern «Gala capital», Company «Alef-Vinal», Company «ASD Investments», Company Dneproinveststroy «Construction Company» Olbia», Industrial and Commercial Company «Dnipro-Desna», Company «Tekoprom», JSC «Interkorn», Protsessint Industries Insurance Company «Gala SKD», Dnipropetrovsk office holding «Ecological technologies and innovations» and others.


Partners of the competition not only took part in his work, but also acted as founders of the awards to the winners. By tradition, awarding ceremony of finalists and winners of the contest is held annually in June at the Palace of the students of Dnipropetrovsk National University. To participate in the ceremony are invited to employers who provide for a premium – for presentation to the winners: Mayor II Kulichenko, officials of the city council, rectors and vice rectors for research universities, city and regional councils of young scientists, representatives of the media. Dnipropetrovsk city employers' organization provides opportunities for different professions and those who are interested in long-term employment, to declare itself. Your resume will be reviewed by interested employers in the shortest possible time.



Dnipropetrovsk Municipal Employers' Organization,

Gagarin Avenue, 13/5, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49005,

tel.: (056) 3701334, (056) 3773985, fax: (056) 3701332,

e-mail:, wеb:

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