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State higher education institution «National mining university»

автор: Олег Хоменко

History. State higher education institution «National mining university» (State High School «NМU») of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport Ukraine (MESYS) was founded in 1899 as Yekaterinoslav Higher Mining School (HMS). The opening ceremony was held HMS October 12, 1899 in the Potemkin palace (now the Palace of students). In April the following year began the construction of educational buildings. The first director of the school was a mining engineer S.M. Pushkov. Since 1912 the name was Mountain Institute Artem. In 1993 he received the status of an autonomous state university IV level of accreditation and the name of the State Mining Academy of Ukraine, in 1997 the National Academy of was status. February 28, 2002 NSAU reorganized into the National Mining University.


Formation. The dynamic development of NMU contributed to the formation in Ukraine of engineering education and the creation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine scientific world-class schools. The University has recognized scientists, academics, A.N. Dinnik, L.V. Pisarzhevsky, N.S. Polyakov, A.I. Brodsky, M.M. Fedorov, M.M. Protodyakonov, A.M. Terpigorev, M.A. Pavlov, L.D. Shevyakov, V.P. Nikitin, V.N. Poturayev, V.A. Lazarian. In the development of science have made a significant contribution to members of the Academy of Sciences, G.G. Pivnyak, A.Z. Shirokov, K.F. Tyapkin, D.P. Konovalov F.A. Abramov, E.I. Efremov, A.F. Bulat. Academician of NAS of Ukraine, G.G. Pivnyak is the rector of NVU. NMU today – a modern scientific and educational center, which is characterized by fundamental and systematic knowledge, communication education, science and innovation in a single complex, a high level of international relations. Organizational activities of the university aims to create such innovative structures: a technology transfer center for the commercialization of intellectual property rights, training, research and production facilities, scientific and educational centers, sharing unique laboratory equipment Science Park.


Structure. The composition of the NMU are: Institute of Economics, Institute of Power Engineering, 9 full-time faculty teaching, the Institute of Extramural and Distance Learning, eksternatura, graduate and doctoral studies, interdisciplinary Institute for Lifelong Learning, Institute of Humanitarian issues that Pavlogradskij Dokuchasvsky Mining College Marganetsk Mountain College, Dnepropetrovsk Road Transport College. The University has developed a research part, publishing complex library with nearly 2 million teaching and geodesic polygon, a museum of university history, geological and mineralogical museum, a network of linguistic centers.


Potential. Modern National Mining University focuses its activities on providing innovative development of Ukraine's economy through the development of high technology efficient use of natural resources. To do this, the NSU is accented attention on the following activities in the field of science: the development of innovation infrastructure of the university; innovation and introduction of the learning process and new technologies, devices and systems, improving quality and efficiency of basic research and applied research, training of scientific and pedagogical highly qualified personnel. Priority activities in the field of science is: the development of innovation infrastructure of the university; introduction of the learning process and new technologies, devices and systems, improving quality and efficiency of basic research and applied research, training of scientific and pedagogical personnel.


Learning process. In the learning process involved 1064 teachers, of which: 846 full-time teachers, 49 university employees and 169 part-time parties. Indicator of quality education is that most teachers – Professor 179 (21%), 371 associate professors (44%) and without a scientific degree of 296 (35%). Among the teachers: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, corresponding member of NASU, 34 Academician branch academies of sciences, 11 laureates of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 11 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 11 distinguished educators in Ukraine.


Research. In the NSU is open 7 specialized academic councils for the protection of theses: D 08.080.01 – Economic trends; D 08.080.02 – Mountain areas (open pit), D 08.080.03 – Mountain areas (underground mining), D 08.080.04 – Mountain areas (pit building); D 08.080.05 – Geological direction, D 08.080.06 – Mechanical engineering direction, D 08.080.07 – Electrical direction.


Of students over 17 thousand people, including 92 foreigners. Full-time students enrolled 8067, which are combined in 404 academic groups, on the evening form – 170 absentee – 5781, united in 232 academic groups. In carrying out scientific research of all participating students in 2185, including payments from the general fund budget – 98, with payment of a special fund – 6. Masters work on the state budget and self-supporting topics and perform master works based on scientific studies, in which they participated. Each year, students at the University co-authored 500 published papers and abstracts on their own – 200.


Details: State Universities' «National Mining University», Ave. Marx, 19, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49005, tel.: (056)7447339, fax: (056)7446211, e-mail:, Web:


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