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Mining technical Krivoy Rog technical university


History. On the basis of Council of Ministers № 83 dated 06.05.1954, as per the order from the Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy of USSR № 98 dated 21/6/55, was created Krivoy Rog Mining College with a view to training for the northern mines of the Krivoy Rog basin, which were then in trust «Lenin-ore». Mountain College was founded in 1955, when the state has «Healed the wounds» inflicted by World War II. To rise from the ruins, the State needed a metal. And the way it starts underground. Mining had a greater need for specialists, especially middle managers: the foreman, technicians and craftsmen. In the first academic year in college there were 8 groups of three academic disciplines, a total of 240 pupils and 18 teachers, college housed in a room adapted to study the hostel. In 1956, construction began on the academic building for 960 beds and a dormitory for 400 people, and in 1959 the college began work in the new building. At the source of the material and technical base of college and the formation of the teaching staff was the first director of Shutsyankou Tikhon Sergeyevich, who presided from 1955 to 1962.


In the 60's the last century college team spent a great job on the equipment rooms and laboratories, has created a beautiful geological museum, built a mountain range with a set of operating mining machines, mine lifting, dewatering facilities, training power plant, small shooting range. By the early 70's already had learned in college full-time students in 1700 and 480 – in the evening. In 1970 were built production training workshops for 180 seats in 1978, was commissioned in teaching and laboratory building with 1200 seats, and in 1980 – a dining room with 220 seats. Along with increased resource base grew and the teaching staff who worked on the improvement of teaching methods, implemented in the educational process of the active forms and methods of teaching. The authors of the new techniques that have been studied carefully and actively put into practice at the college were O.Y. Gaponenko, V.M. Bolotsky, A.O. Storchevoy, A.T. Zilch, etc. Years passed, changed lives, changed the need for specialists, college responsive to the needs of the market, opening, closing, or vice versa, or that specialty. Over the years the college trained junior specialist in 18 specialties, including from 1976 to 1994 for 14 foreign countries, namely Laos, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Africa and Latin America.


For many years, Mining College has a strong financial base and a basic school in the city and the region, coordinated by the methodical and informational work in colleges of Krivoy Rog and Yellow Waters, the city has organized surveys, contests, competitions, conferences and the like. Over the years, methodical work was headed by Methodist College in O.G. Hook, S.O. Gorpenko, N.S. Safronchik, J.M. Gorbman, O.І. Serov, now it carries a Methodist Kobrits L.P. Almost 55 years has consistently led the College has five directors: Taras Wojciechowski (1962–1968), Vasily Kvartyuk (1968–1972), Alim Storchevoy (1972–1988), Anatoly Zilch (1988–2002), Alexander Posokhov (2002).


Structure. Now college provides training for three day offices: Mining, Polytechnic, general education, as well as preparatory and correspondence courses (heads of departments, respectively, M.O. Kremza, L.M. Evsukova, I.V. Vc, V.V. Stetsenko). Training is carried out in 8 specialties: «The technology of underground mining», «The technology of open mining», «Mining and Underground Construction», «Maintenance and repair of mining equipment and electromechanical automated equipment», «Mine surveying», «Designing, manufacturing and maintenance of electronic products», «Construction and operation of buildings and structures», «Business enterprise».


The educational process at the college implement 89 teachers, most of which have a high level of professionalism: the higher qualifying category – 40,5% of the teachers, the first – 22,5%, the second – 10%. Teacher title of «teacher-methodist» has 9 members. The organization of educational, practical and economic work leading role belongs to the four deputy directors: Shevchenko Leonid Ivanovich – Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Magonov Tatjana – deputy director on educational work, Lisobik Alexander – Deputy Director of apprenticeship training, Bizyukov Yuri – deputy director for administrative work.


Over the years the college has trained more than 14,000 experts – the miners, electricians, builders, surveyors, geologists, drillers, engineers, economists, etc. Located in the beautiful picturesque corner of the city, in the green belt area of 9 hectares, college live their present lives, moving forward , is planning its future.


Details: Mining technical Krivoy Rog technical university, ul. Nevskay, 3, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine, 50029, tel. (0564)531290, (0564)533074, e-mail:


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