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Educational-scientific-industrial portal «Rudana»

Design Institute of mining enterprises State University «National Mining University»

автор: Олег Хоменко

History. In 2006, as part of the National Mining University, the Institute for the design of mining enterprises with a view to improving the quality of the design of mining enterprises, training of specialists with the right of mining and blasting operations in open and underground mining. The base compound for training graduate students and doctoral students with research, project work, and mining production. Design Institute of mining enterprises (DIME), the NMU is a training, research and design division of the National Mining University. He is subordinate to the research part.


Sphere of activity. Design by specialists according to the NMU DIME their skills for these types of works:

- design engineering, mining, transportation, hydro, energy facilities and systems, engineering services for facilities open and underground mining of mineral deposits, as well as their enrichment, sorting and processing;

- development section to assess the impact on the environment, labor protection and organization of construction;

- process design facilities of a mining complex in the steel industry, flyusodolomit production and non-metallic materials;

- engineering works in the direction of inspection, examination and assessment of designs of buildings, structures, utilities mining, ore- beneficiation and ore processing industries.


Structure. DIME NMU includes the following divisions: office of chief engineers of the projects; mining department in the open and underground mining of mineral deposits; technology department for processing and mineral processing, Department of Economics, summary estimates, environmental impact assessment department of the environment.


Scientific and teaching activities. As part of the Institute is provided by the integration of the learning process with scientific research and manufacturing facilities, training is implemented in the form of "education-science-engineering", including through post-graduate and doctoral NSU, as well as courses for training in mining and blasting. The Institute assists mining companies to implement and test the results of research and design solutions. Scientific and technical staff of the Institute is also involved in other activities (conferences, symposia, forums, round tables), which are organized in the NSU. The Institute actively participate in these activities, as well as participate in meetings of the sections and publishing scientific papers.


Project activities. The institute has experience in designing structures and quarries for the following enterprises: РC «Mykolayiv Alumina Plant», СРC «Zaporozhye aluminum production plant», РC «Marganetsk Mining Plant», JSC «Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog», РC «Nikstrom», РC «Balaklava Mines Management», and numerous granite and sand quarries Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Poltava region (more than 20 completed and approved projects), provides supervision of project works. Quality of project documentation to ensure standards for the National Mining University, Quality Management System Design, ISO. Completed projects are usually protected by patents for inventions.



Design Institute of mining enterprises State University «National Mining University»,

Karl Marx Avenue, 19, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49005,

tel./fax: (0562) 470215, e-mail:



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Completion of the library portal «Rudana»
Just published a new textbook (Physicochemical geotechnology / N. Tabachenko, A. Vladiko, O. Khomenko, D. Maltsev – D.: NМU, 2012. – 310 p.). Reviewers were M.S. Сhetveric, Ph.D., senior researcher Fellow, Professor, Head of Department of geomechanical main mining IGTM them. N.S. Polyakov NAS and V.V. Tsarikovskiy, Ph.D., senior researcher employee, department head, underground mining and geomechanics Enterprise «Research Institute of Mining».


О. Khomenko
The phenomenon of zonal disintegration of rocks
The analysis of the paradoxical phenomenon of zonal disintegration of rocks, which appears in all known forms of deformation of the array. An analytical model that correctly describes the phenomenon using a synergistic approach in the study, the use of thermodynamic, improved entropy and elaborately energy methods. The dependencies of the size and shape of energy bands, their number and conditions of the transition to a state of imbalance, form a ring-shaped area defined by the deformation of the array and the dynamics of formation of zones appearing in the protective capsule that forms around an array of underground workings.

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