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Publik Company «ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog»

автор: Олег Хоменко

History. Vegetation deaf village Krivoy Rog changed energy A.N. Margins – the great-grandson punished Hetman Paul Polubotok. Paul was a founder of industrial production of Krivoy Rog iron ore, the initiator of laying railroad Krivoy Rog – the Donbass, the bridge across the Dnieper River in Yekaterinoslav, metallurgical and construction of the Bryansk Hdantsivka ironworks. In 1897, Krivoy Rog iron-ore mining area ahead of the Urals iron. Proved invaluable to trade links with Britain, Austria-Hungary, Holland, Germany and the Western provinces of the Russian Empire – Kingdom of Poland. Export of ore production reached 23%. Relatively high productivity Kryvyi Rih miners were required to entrepreneurial talent Szymanowski, Rogowski, Kopylova, Kolachevsky and other miners, metallurgists. Heavy investment of French and Belgian banks Krivoy Rog was obliged to yield the level of two thirds of iron ore production of the Russian Empire.


Combine «Krivorozhstal» was built in August 1934, October 24, 2005 the company Mittal Steel Germany GmbH has won the tender for the sale of 93,02% shares of «Krivorozhstal» to the highest bidder among three candidates – 24,2 UAH billion. The company Mittal Steel Germany GmbH is part of the international holding Mittal Steel – the world's largest steel producer. The last-named steel giant – РC «ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog».


Resource base. The company has a complete metallurgical cycle, which consists of: Artem mine office with underground mining, ore mining and processing complex, coke and metallurgical production, agro-industrial complex. – the largest producer of rolled steel in Ukraine, specializing in the production of long products, in particular, reinforcement and wire rod. The share of the market of steel mill is 20%. Production facilities are designed for an annual output of more than 6 million tons of rolled metal, about 7 million tons of steel and more than 7,8 million tons of pig iron. «ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog» – the main Ukrainian producer of rebar and grades of medium-high grade heat strengthened reinforcement strength.


Corporate Structure

Coke production. Krivoy Rog Coke Chemical Plant was commissioned in 1936 as part of Coal preparation, coke and chemical plants. Accordingly, the construction of coke oven batteries was expanded Coal preparation plant and chemical factory wing. Coke production in the six existing coke batteries. At this point in the CCP includes Coal preparation plant, coke plant № 1 and 2 capture plant chemicals coking plant desulfurization.


Ore-dressing production. Mining Complex – a company on open mining and enrichment of the poor magnetite quartzite’s, followed by agglomeration of a concentrate. The first phase of the complex was commissioned in 1959 with a design capacity of crude ore 9,05 million tons/year and concentrate production 4,54 million tones/year with an iron content over 62%. Production and technical structure of the complex consists of three redistributions: mining-transport, crushing and enrichment and agglomeration.


Mining-transport industry – Mines Management, DF-3, 4, mining and transport department, the management of railway transport. Raw material base comprises the ferruginous quartzite and Nеvkrivorozhskogo Valyavkinskogo fields, fulfills two quarries: № 2 bis, and № 3. Hours worked by career № 1 being large-scale remediation work. Mining-transport department makes the delivery of raw ore and overburden from the faces large-capacity dump trucks 110–120 m to the conveyor lifts or transshipment site. Crushing plant № 3 and 4 provide ore crushing rock chunk size from 1,200 to 400 mm and its transport conveyor lift (CLT) on the earth's surface in the pit № 3, 2-bis.


Crushing and washing plants (crushing plant № 1, 2, concentrators № 1, 2). Complex, crushing and enrichment of ferruginous quartzite and iron ore concentrate production consists of two phases. In part I stage of the complex consists of: objects on the four-ore crushing circuit with two head boulder crusher, crushing and screening to ensure raw ore chunk size from 1,200 mm to a class size of 0–20 mm shell enrichment process consisting of 9 sections, producing a magnetic product with an iron content of 65,3% and 10,5% moisture; concentrate storage associated with the conveyors sinter plant. In part II line complex consists of: objects in three-stage crushing circuit with a boulder crusher head, body, composed of five enrichment technology sections, producing a magnetic product with an iron content of 65,3% and 10,5% moisture content, storage of concentrate to feed the conveyors concentrate on the sinter plant.


Production of sinter (sintering plant № 1, 2, 3). Production of sinter complex is represented by three workshops: sintering № 1, 2 and burden preparation – commissioned in 1962 sintering body № 1 has 6 BB-75 sintering machines, sintering a sinter area 75 m2. In sintering body № 2 has 6 sinter machines, sintering a sinter area 135 m2, for cooling sinter coolers use linear area of 125 m2.

Production of sinter

Production of sinter agglomeration presented a workshop, workshops domain № 1 and № 2, shop by processing slag. Sinter plant was founded in 1951 The main purpose – the production of sinter with the use of iron-containing metallurgical wastes combine. The raw material for sinter production is concentrated, Sintered Ore mine office and ferrous smelter: sludge, slag screenings, flue dust and lime, etc. The resulting agglomerate enters the blast furnace shop № 1 mill.


Blast furnace plant № 1 was founded in 1934 The shop consists of 5 blast furnace № 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, with a total useful volume of 10 419 m3, as well as bunker pier, Department of refractory masses and making mixes, depot repair locomotives, plot desulphurization, bottling machines. The raw material for production of iron sinter plant and the MPC, iron ore pellets Northern Mining, iron ore mines, slag enriched, scrap. The fuel used coke production, natural gas and coal.

Blast furnace plant № 2 was founded in 1974 in part of the shop – the largest in Ukraine blast furnace № 9 volume of 5000 m3. This, in essence, a new type of unit, has incorporated the latest advances and technical thought. Rate of load control computer complex. The shop includes land filling machines, cold storage of pig iron, granulated slag installation.


Shop the processing of slag. The main tasks of the shop – processing fiery molten slag blast furnace № 1 and ensure that trains plant slag and scrap metal recovery from slag current production. The shop produced slag for cement, slag wool and pumice, slag dump slag and road construction. The shop consists of the production department granulated slag, mineral wool and the separation of a knockout.


Steelmaking plant – it is 6 separate workshops, the main activities focus on the production of steel conforming to international standards. The structure of production includes: an oxygen-converter shop, open-hearth shop, preparing the compositions, hoisting plant, refractory, lime shop, repair of metallurgical furnaces.

The oxygen-converter shop is equipped with six converters capacity of 160 tons of metal in the converter purge oxygen from the top. To increase the stability of converters are widely applied hot refractory repairs: gunned and nitriding. Monolithic ladle lining is performed on machines «Orbit».

Open-hearth shop includes tandem furnaces № 6 and № 4 open-hearth furnaces. Steel production is done by intensifying the process of oxygen supplied through the lance arched. On the double-bath unit in place trough a special design for the cut-off furnace slag, mastered the continuous monitoring of metal temperature. The system of monitoring and recording of dampers, two-hopper to issue dosing ferroalloy steel ladle with steel sink units provide high performance, raise production standards.

Workshop preparation of compositions includes two branches of preparation of compounds that serve the open-hearth and converter shops. Division of producing a set of compositions by casting steel top and siphon method, and three branches of pouring ingots provide crimping shop, steel ingots with a high temperature of arrival. With the direct participation of employees shop solved a № of important issues related to mechanization, increasing the service life of crane equipment, introduced new technology: packing machine profitable supers for the preparation of molds for casting steel quiet, mechanized lining lucrative knockout supers.

The hoisting plant is used for cutting oversize steel and iron scrap and scrap. The shop is located on two sites: the 1st placed slag separation, separation of flame cutting and coconut branch № 1 on the 2nd – coconut branch № 2. The department flame cutting is the oversized reception scrap processing it and sending gas cutting steel-making shops. In the offices of slag from steelworks slag retrieve large pieces of metal and are sent for processing in the Hoisting Branch. In the department of mechanical cutting are two hydraulic press with capacity benchers 1600 t model B1642 BA1642 and producing packages of metal coming into the office.

Refractory lime-shop consists of divisions for the production of lime, production of refractories and gunning mass. Produced lime workshop provides steel mill and sinter plant. The process of lime production is constantly being improved. For this purpose, for rotary kilns installed new high-performance coolers lime, and before the rotary kiln № 2 - heater limestone, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption. Gunite mass produced in the workshop, is widely used for gunning converters, making them more resistant to 300–400 heats.

Shop repair of metallurgical furnaces designed for the repair of open-hearth furnaces, converters, mixers, ovens methodical rolling mills, a ring and rotary kilns JRC. Over the years the shop manual labor-intensive replaced by mechanized methods of repair. The shop also made of sprayed powders and weight, which are used during repair operations and processes in many of the shops complex. The use of shotcrete technology increased resistance of refractory masonry of metallurgical units, increasing the № of heats to 10%.


For the production of high quality steel plant has powerful modern automated mills, special units and equipment for finishing operations. The composition of rolling mills are blooming № 1 and № 2, Rolling Shop № 1 № 2 № 3 rolling mill.

Blooming № 1. The shop installed the recuperative soaking pits, mill in 1250 and continuously 730/500 billet mill. Shop laminates ingots weighing up to 8.5 tons per square billet cross section of 125×125 and 80×80 mm, which is then passed on for further delivery Light section and wire mills and shipped to commercial products. The shop is carried out Scarfing blooms in the stream, which provides high quality products.

Blooming № 2. Heating of the ingots by a recuperative soaking pits and rolling – on the blooming mill 1300 and continuous billet mill 900/700/500. Shop laminates ingots weighing 12,5 tons per square billet cross section of 80×80 and 150×150 mm, which is transmitted for re-rolling mills in the section rolling shop and shipped to commercial products.

Rolling Shop № 1. As part of a section rolling shop № 1 three small-section (250-1,2 and 3) and one wire (150-1) mills. Range of products: hot rolled and heat-hardened reinforced steel with a diameter of 10 to 14 mm diameter circular sections 10–14 mm, angle, and square steel strips and rods of diameter 5,5–6,5 mm. Small-section mill products produced in bars up to 12 meters, and wire – in coils up to 1,700 kg.

Rolling Shop № 2. It consists of two small-section mill and wire mill. Light section mills 250–4,5 produce round and rebar diameter of 14-32 mm, square steel with a side of 16–22 mm, steel hexagon with a side of 17–27 mm. Rod mill produces round 250–3 steel rod with a diameter of 6,5 and 8 mm and round reinforcing steel with diameter of 6 and 8 mm. Finished products are small-section mill is available in bars up to 12 meters, and wire – in coils up to 550 kg.

Rolling Shop № 3. The shop is small sections, wire mill 250/150, producing rolled diameter of 14–32 mm diameter rod and 5,5–14 mm, in accordance with international standards, in coils weighing up to 2,100 kg.

Valtsetokarny shop. The shop is equipped with latest machinery for cutting gauge rolls, repair fluid friction bearings. The shop repaired the rolls by micro plasma spraying. The plant produces rolled by national and foreign standards. Quality of products rolling mill meets the international standard ISO 9001-2000.


Products. РC «ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog» produces and sells on the domestic and foreign markets, reinforcing bars, steel wire rod, rolled shapes (equal and unequal angle) Hot-carbon steel. The main products are: steel square hot billet, wire rod, carbon steel, cast iron wheels, sticky tape, strip steel, Hot-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel hexagon, angle steel hot-rolled equal, Roof truss made of metal, strips, various electrical equipment. The plant's products are exported to more than 60 countries: Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, China, Canada, Nigeria, Syria, USA, etc.

Mine them. Artem

History of the mine begins with a foundation in 1887 Yuzhnorussky Dnieper Metallurgical Society. Mine office for underground mining of ore, as a structural unit of the plant, was established in April 2001 on the basis of individual capacities mine them. Kirov. After the transfer of a controlling stake of the joint stock company MittalSteel Germany GmbH sailing them mine office Artem.


Resource base. The main objective is to ensure the mine office metallurgical plant sinter ore and blast a piece of the prescribed amounts and in accordance with the requirements of the approved technical specifications for iron ore mine office products. Production volumes of iron ore – more than 1,600 tons, including: underground mining at the mine named after Artem – 1331,2 thousand tons, of which open-pit quarry in «South» of up to 270 thousand tons of iron ore reserves are estimated at the amount of 133 million tons of mine office Distance to the plant, from the railway station to station Kirov East, is 28 km.


Structure. The composition of mine are mine office Artem, mine «Heading» quarry «South», crushing and screening plant, motor transport, energy, mechanical repair shops. The № of employees is more than mine office 2300.


Products. The main products are sinter ore with iron content of not less than 53,5% and sub-standard fraction of the ore mass – a piece of blast furnace with an iron content of not less than 34%.


Details: РC «ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog», ul. Ordzhonikidze, an, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine, 50095, tel. (0564)785309, fax: (0564)928550, e-mail:, Web:


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