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Dnipropetrovsk regional council of young scientists

автор: Олег Хоменко

As a doctoral student, then the National Mining Academy in 1998, Sergei Fedorovich Vlasov was faced with the prospects of training of the teaching staff, analyzing the potential age of the faculty and the effectiveness of training Ph.D. professors NSU. The results of the analysis was introduced to the rector of NSU. Information was taken into consideration, and some time later, Gennady Pivnyak invited to take an active part in developing the concept of training scientific-pedagogical staff. This was the impetus for the creation of the Council of Young Scientists at the National Mining Academy of Ukraine.


The first task was to create a database of young scientists. To determine the objectives of our work was a survey of young scientists who identified the key problems: hunger for information (no information about the requirements for registration of theses and publications in special editions), the publication of scientific articles, limited access to computers and the Internet.


Meeting with an amazing woman – Chief Executive Officer of the Fund of social protection, support and assistance to scientists of Ukraine and their families Cherednichenko Larissa Lukyanovna. Her energy, health, optimism, ability to generate lots of ideas may even envy the young. That Larissa Lukyanovna proposed extending the experience of working with young scientists in the Mining Academy at other institutions of higher education field. It should be noted that our proposal was supported by the Office of Education and Science, State Administration, for which special thanks to the Deputy Head of Department in the years Viktorov V.G.


Dnipropetrovsk region occupies the 4th place on the number of universities in Ukraine after Kiev, Donetsk and Odessa regions. It is concentrated 20 colleges and universities. Was given a definite goal: the consolidation of forces for young scientists of universities and research institutes to improve the preparation of the teaching staff, involve them in solving urgent problems of the region, strengthening their participation in the implementation of state policy in the sphere of science and scientific and technological activities, conservation and development of intellectual potential Ukraine. Was followed by a great and laborious work to create an electronic database of young scholars and advice for young scientists in universities and research institutes.


Already in May 2002 was organized by the participation of 10 students and young researchers from four universities in the International Youth Forum, held in Belgorod State Technological Academy of Building Materials (Russia). The forum was attended by about 500 people, including from countries near and far abroad. For the best papers and actively participate in the forum of our guys brought home seven diplomas and valuable gifts. This trip is definitely inspired the us, and it was decided to hold the first contest of scientific works of the «Young Scientist Dnieper region».


The competition was held in January 2003 Diplomas Department of Education and Science have been awarded RSA young scientists from the National Mining University (NSU) and the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU), diplomas Department of Education and Science of Dnipropetrovsk City Council - Young scientists Dnipropetrovsk National University (DNU), Dnipropetrovsk National Technical University of Railway Transport (NTUZHT) and NMetAU. In the same year was held All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of the Week of the economy. Was organized by the Council of Young Scientists AUTHORITY led by a young doctor of economic sciences, professor Sazantsom IL With the active participation of young scientists since 2003, revived the implementation and protection of inter-university diploma projects. In developing the project «Improvement of ecological state of the environment around the Dnieper HPP through the integrated use of waste ash» was attended by 7 students from NSU, NMetAU and Ukrainian State Chemical and Technological University (UGHTU).


The focus of each work team is workable, and even more so for young scientists, representing the interests of the Regional Council 15 universities and five research institutes area. With the participation of this particular team developed a whole system of various competitions, including the Student Paper Contest, held in 2002, the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers «Intelligence – Creativity – Success». By participating in this competition, students not only solve the specific tasks assigned to the leadership of the various enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk, but also have the opportunity to receive an invitation to work in prestigious organizations in the city.


DRCYS actively cooperates with the Board of Directors, chaired by the rector of NSU academic Pivnyak G.G., Board Vice-Rector, who heads the pro-rector for Science AUTHORITY Professor Dron, NM Their support has helped to significantly increase the work of councils in high school. Have jointly established a data bank of scientific developments that can be used to address the Dnieper region. Created a database for unique equipment. Leaders in this work are NmetAU, PGASA and NTUZHT. An agreement was reached with the leadership of the university about the possibility of using the equipment of young scientists.


In 2004, the Dnipropetrovsk city council created for young scientists, who began to work closely with the City Board of Education and Science. I would like to especially note the active assistance and support to the Deputy Head of the Goryachev VK The city council headed by former secretary of the regional council of young scientists, associate professor of the National Mining University, Oleg Khomenko. Mayor Kulichenko I.I. allocated 200 thousand UAH in grants to young researchers carrying out work related to solving actual problems of the city. At the initiative of the trade union committee of the National Mining University in 2005, was set up a competition for best research work among students and young scientists, and in 2006 the experience was extended to all schools of the city. That same year, the regional trade union committee of employees of higher education established a similar competition for work, took first place in the area high schools.


In 2007, the regional state administration instituted «Best young scientist», «The best advice for young scientists», and grants for young scientists of universities and research institutes «Young scientists – Dnipropetrovsk region». To carry out the regional state administration of the contest with a $ 500 thousand UAH. In the process of tendering is doing a great job of identifying gifted students, the development of commitment and perseverance in solving problems like the city of Dnipropetrovsk and region as a whole, developing a sense of patriotism for his native land, increase motivation among young scholars to self-realization.


The contest «The best young scientist» was held in four categories: human, technical, economic and medical sciences. It was attended by 82 young scientists. At the end of the contest first place winners won by the number of Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian University – 4 people, in second place – the National Mining University – 3 persons, third place went to Dnipropetrovsk National University – 2 people and on the fourth – Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University Ukrainian State Research Institute of Medical and Social Problems of Disability, the Research Institute of Gastroenterology – 1 person. The contest «The best advice for young scientists» the first place was awarded to the Ukrainian State Chemical and Technological University, the second – National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, the third – Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy.


The competition was attended by State Administration of grants 29 projects, 7 of which were directed to the sociological and marketing research, 8 – for basic, 9 – on the technological and 5 – to economic research. The competition was conducted in two phases. In the first phase projects were peer-reviewed experts in relevant scientific fields, in accordance with criteria developed in the position of the competition. In the second round of the competition were selected 17 projects. At the second stage of the Expert Council for State Administration was organized by a public protection projects in the presence of media representatives. The greatest number of points received projects Kolesnik L.A., candidate of sociological sciences NSU, T. Lukyanenko, Ph.D. DIME, Yamnich T.S., graduate student at NSU, Shashkina L.V., graduate student AUTHORITY, Khomenko O.Е., Ph.D. Novosibirsk State University, Thomason Y.R., candidate of agricultural sciences DGAU, Chepysheva S.V. Postgraduate DIME, Mamaykina A.R., assistant NMU.


In 2007, on the basis of the regional council has started the «School of young scientists», whose task is to develop a system for training future leaders in science. As part of this school young scientists not only with the knowledge to find a donor grant support, grants clearance of regional, national and international levels, technology, design and promotion of innovative projects, but also have the opportunity to enhance their cultural and spiritual level. To do this, meetings with famous scientists, philosophers, historians, psychologists and sociologists in our area. For example, the occupation was carried out to improve the efficiency of inventive activity with a trip to the assembly plant in missile design bureau «South».


Young scientists are actively involved in the spread of its experience to other regions of Ukraine. Today we are working to create a regional council of young scientists in the Zaporozhe region. At the turn of Poltava, Donetsk, Kharkov and Kirovograd region. In the future, young scientists from these regions will be able not only to exchange the accumulated scientific experience, but also to the actual joint projects aimed at developing these areas. In the near future site development of the regional council of young scientists that will allow us to share information with scientists not only to other regions of Ukraine and the CIS and abroad.


Regional Council of young scientists took the initiative to prepare collections of scientific schools Dnipropetrovsk. Collection to demonstrate the continuity of generations in science, as well as a source of propaganda achievements of the scientists in our universities and research institutions at regional and national levels. In addition to this is to produce a handbook of advice for young scientists of universities and research institutes area.



Dnipropetrovsk regional council of young scientists

str. them. Voroshilov, 25, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49000,

tel.: (056) 473864, fax: (056) 473864, E-mail:, Web:


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