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Manganese mining college «National mining university»

автор: Олег Хоменко

History. In accordance with the Council of Ministers dated 03.02.1955, № 661, Order of the Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy of USSR № 32 dated 26.02.1955 in the city of Dnipropetrovsk region Manganese created Margaret’s Mining College. According to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine from 20.06.1997 № 218 Margaret’s Mining College was reorganized into the National College Margaret’s Mining Academy of Ukraine. On execution of the Order of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from February 18, 2002 № 86 and MES orders dated March 15, 2002 № 195 «About reorganization of the National Mining Academy of the National Mining University», College Margaret’s National Mining Academy of Ukraine Margaret’s renamed College of the National Mining University. Initially housed in the College of the city center, this building vocational school № 68, and for many years to become a real source of manpower for Margaret’s mining and processing plant. During its existence the college has prepared more than 15 thousand professionals. The first director of the institution, V.G. Kurbatov made a significant contribution to the establishment «Of his creation». Since 1964, Director of College became L.S. Parfenenko. Student's family grew so that soon the building became too crowded, and there was a need in the construction of new premises for the college. In 1968, the open field construction began of the new school complex.


From 1970 to 2009 led the team Mountain College, now College Margaret’s National Mining University, A.V. Belozerov. Thanks to the efforts of «Honorary Citizen of Manganese», assigned to him May 29, 2008, in 1973 acquired new college academic and laboratory buildings, educational workshops, a beautiful sports complex, a mountain range, the best hostel in Ukraine and a shooting range. Much attention was paid to the director of technical school training information tools, and most offices and laboratories are the best colleges in the Ministry of Education and Science. Adolf Putin is the author of the textbook «Mining operations», the author of two inventions. Under the direction of A. Belozerova institution awarded the title of a model, college participated in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements CPCP and the Ukraine.


Board of Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine Protocol № 13/2 of 23.06.1993, the institution provided a license to engage in educational activities on a level of accreditation on the basis of junior high school for 3 years and 10 months on the basis of complete secondary school – 2,10 months in the following specialties:

- 5.09030201 – «Technology of underground mining»;
- 5.09030601 – «Maintenance and repair of mining equipment and electromechanical devices, automatic»;
- 5.09021501 – «Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and engines».

Training is based on the junior high school with a term of 2 years 10 months and 1 year and 10 months on the basis of complete secondary schools by function:

- 5.100404 – «Organization of Transportation and the management of road transport»;
- 5.050107 – «Economics and entrepreneurship»;
- 5.050111 – «Accounting».


For all these specialties is working part-time office. The structure of the college, as a unit of the National Mining University, the rector is determined in accordance with the «Regulation on state higher education institution», the Charter of the National Mining University, and situation «On Margaret’s College NМU». Structural units of college – a 2 day courses, correspondence department (in operation since 1999), 8 cyclic commissions, offices and laboratories, industrial and educational workshops, a library, dining room, a dormitory. Structural units are functioning in the college under the provisions of which are designed in accordance with applicable law.


The educational process in college lecturer sell 51 of them are candidates of sciences – 2 teachers-methodologists – 5, senior teachers – 3, the highest category of teachers – 14 teachers Category I – 11, Category II teachers – 10 teachers, specialists – 6. Total Library Fund College – 68 270 copies. Within the complex with NМU college graduates in the field: «Technology of underground mining» and «Maintenance and repair of mining equipment and electromechanical automated equipment», as well as the direction of 0501 «Economics and entrepreneurship» shall be credited to the university to continue their studies in special programs with reduced lifetime of learning. Successfully operated training courses, 99 students who attend, including 59 students is a six-month training courses, successfully pass the exams. A contingent of three-month preparatory course is 40 people. Work on the organization of one-month courses. Is the work of training collar occupations, under license to training in trades, issued by the Ministry of Education Ukraine June 4, 2009.


Training facilities include training and college laboratory building with industrial workshops with total area of 6226 m2, as well as a shooting range to fire zone to 50 m, total area of 1174 m2. The average area per student is 8,86 m2. Teaching and laboratory facilities meet the requirements of the college curriculum, provides an adequate level of training, has a membership of 29 classrooms, 16 laboratories and training workshops: resource base is constantly evolving. In 2009 the enterprises of the city and the region are employed 39,4% of college graduates.


Details: College of Margaret’s State University «NМU», ul. Lermontov, 8, city of Manganese, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine, 53408, tel.: (05665)31605, (05665)31513, tel./fax: (05665)31181, e-mail:,, web:


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