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State еnterprise «Southukrgeology»

автор: Олег Хоменко

History. Even back in 1947 on the basis of trust «Ukruglerazvedka» by the decision of the Council of Ministers and the Order of the Ministry of Coal Industry was established Ukrainian Geological Office of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR. From that date back to more than a half-century history of the company, which, after numerous reorganizations and changes in the priorities of the State enterprise now known as «Southukrgeology». History is full of a variety of businesses discoveries that have transformed average Dnieper in one of the most powerful mineral regions, not only Ukraine but the whole of Eastern Europe.


The immediate task of the company at the time of its creation was to assess the Western Donbas coal-bearing, and the company has successfully coped with this task. Over 15 years in Western Donbas was explored 18 billion tons of coal, which made it possible to increase annual coal production in the 90s up to 25 million tones at the same time to the exploration of coal in the western Donbas region in the Krivoy Rog iron ore basin explorers trust «Krivbassgeologiya» currently GRE «Krivbassgeologiya» were working on the exploration of iron ore. Over 10 years of exploration geologists Krivbas created a new mineral resource base steel of the southern USSR, on which built a unique processing plants «Novo-Krivoy Rog», «Central», «North», «Inguletsky» and «South». Provision of these mills with raw materials is 80 years.


At the same time efforts were also directed the company to search for and exploration of deposits of manganese, bauxite and nickel. This made it possible to quickly explore deposits of iron in the Kremenchug area, which operates on the basis of Poltava (Dnipropetrovs'k), Mining and Processing Plant. Within Belozerskaia structures were discovered and quickly explored two deposits of rich iron ore, on the basis of which is currently running a closed joint stock company «Zaporozhe iron-ore combine».


In the 50's was discovered and explored a unique deposit of alluvial titanic ore, based on which now operates an open joint stock company «Volnogorskiy MPC». Over the years, geologists have discovered and the company explored Velikotokmakskoe and South deposits of manganese ore deposits of apatite-Novopoltavskoe redkometalicheskih carbonatites Shevchenkivs'ke Rare deposit. Total time for all of the collective enterprises was explored in 1250 near mineral deposits.


State enterprise «Southukrgeology» for more than 60 years in the work, which encompasses six administrative regions of Ukraine: Sumy, Poltava, Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporozhe and Donetsk region in part, as well as beyond its borders open more than 1250 mineral deposits, most of of which are operated to this day. This is a field of black and brown coal (Western Donbas), iron (Krivbas, Kremenchug and landscapes: iron ore areas, Sea of Azov), manganese (Nikopol district of Dnipropetrovsk region, Zaporozhe region), alluvial ore titanic (Dnepropetrovsk region), nonferrous, rare, rare earth metals (Sea of Azov), precious metals, mining, chemical and agrochemical raw materials, construction, coating, abrasive materials, precious and semiprecious stones, of drinking and mineral waters.


Regional geological and geophysical and geological evaluation work is done now through the State program carried out systematic geological territory further study a scale of 1:200 000 and 1:50 000. These works are intended not only for geological study of some areas and assess their prospects for minerals, but also to produce a modern, multi-purpose geologic and prognostic framework needed to address the development of mineral resources in the region.


Of great importance is attached to the enterprise search and exploration of strategic and severely deficient to our economy of mineral deposits and minerals, as nonferrous and rare metals (molybdenum, tungsten, lead, zinc), rare earth metals, noble metals (gold, silver, platinum group metals), non-metallic minerals (rock phosphate, bentonite clay, mold, vermiculite, talkomagnezitovoe raw materials, refractory, flux and gems raw materials).
Today, the company can offer investors for further study and development of a № of deposits and prospective areas such minerals as ilmenite ore, kaolin, primary, refractory clay, granite tiles, glass sand, sapropel, feldspar raw materials. Also, the company developed specifications for new and innovative types of minerals, carried out preparation of construction documents, reports, feasibility constant conditions and calculation of mineral reserves and their protection by the State Committee on Reserves of Ukraine. All types of exploration work carried out in accordance with a license.

Hydro geological, geotechnical, geological and environmental studies of hydrogeology

Hydro geological, geotechnical and environmental studies of hydrogeology occupy a significant place in the complex geological survey operations manual «Southukrgeology». Hydrogeological investigations are directed at addressing the needs of the population, industry and agriculture in the water, monitoring and forecasting of changes in the geological environment with a view to its protection and management. The company carries out a comprehensive assessment of the current state of underground water for drinking and technical water, as well as a systematization of forecast of groundwater resources. Calculates and records of proven and approved operational groundwater basins within the areas of hydrology to address the prospects of using groundwater, the extent of their use in modern conditions, and assesses the status and use of groundwater in the fields and catchments.


The enterprise also did work on the state accounting of groundwater resources and monitoring of groundwater resources in the territory of the area and hydrogeology further study scale 1:200 000. The territory of the company covers the technologically-laden Ukrainian regions. As a result, the industrial impact on the environment is significant changes of geological environment. Activated by exogenous geological processes. All the big territory covers the flooding. In areas of coal mining subsidence marked the Earth's surface. Water logging and water saturation changes activate and increases the area of subsidence of loess soils. Monitoring and forecast of the change of geological environment for its protection and rational use of resources provided by the company in the works «Monitoring of the geological environment».


In addition, the company carries out geological and environmental studies in conjunction with the geological area further study scale 1:200 000, as well as work on the study and assessment of components of the geological environment of Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhe agglomerations and surrounding areas Snake-Balakleevskoy Industry zone, Krivoy Rog territorial industrial complex and the West Donbas within the Dnepropetrovsk region. In these studies evaluated the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the components of the geological environment (soil, rock vadose zone, groundwater), on the basis of which provided a comprehensive assessment of the geological environment. Also, the monitoring of the main components of the geological environment in the enterprise.


Within the territory of the monitoring of exogenous geological processes, is determined by their dynamics, it is projected manifestation of hazards studied patterns of changes in the levels and chemical composition of groundwater observation wells in the slopes of the shifts. Observed the dynamics of displacement processes, erosion and flooding. Also, the monitoring of the main components of the geological environment in the territorial impact of the Krivoy Rog industrial complex. In this case are common and local laws changing the level of contamination of groundwater and surface water? Developed recommendations to prevent adverse changes in the environment and compliance with environmental safety requirements. Evaluate the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the components of the geological environment (soil, rocks, vadose zone and groundwater) and on this basis, provided a comprehensive assessment of the geological environment.


In Ukraine the main source of geological information at all stages of exploration drilling operations are to perform and perform the search and exploration of minerals such as gold, diamonds, nonferrous and rare metals, iron and manganese ores, nonmetallic minerals, and fresh mineral underground water, as well as in carrying out geological cemomochnih and geotechnical works hydrogeology. Performing a versatile drilling possible because of the company a significant fleet of drilling machines for different purposes.


So with the help of machines, UBC 500S, ZIF-650, UBC-4-CA-4 and UBC-50 is performed drilling wells up to 700m with coring in hard crystalline rocks. For drilling to a depth of 2,000 m in diameter from 151 to 59 mm coring rig used by ZIF-1200 MR. For geological study of rocks of sedimentary origin are used drilling rigs with hydraulic transport of CGC-300 core and rotary vertical drilling machines URB-2A-2. With the installation of BDS-W-A-3, 1 BA-15V company performs work related to drilling, repairing, furnishing production wells in the fresh and mineral waters, and also carries a liquidation plugging previously drilled wells. For drilling shallow wells to 50–70 m in search of underground water deposits and non-metallic minerals, as well as in carrying out engineering and geological studies are used drilling rig drilling screw UGB UGB-50-1-VC.

Analytical studies

An integral part of exploration is the laboratory service. The central laboratory is part of the company since its inception. The objects of research are samples of rock, solid and non-combustible fossil fuels and man-made objects of the environment and samples of ground surface water. The laboratory consists of two specialized laboratories. In the laboratory, the stratigraphy and material content mineralogy, petrography, palynology and paleontologists examine samples, helping geologists to make accurate geological findings in the search fields. The laboratory conducted the study of physical and mechanical properties of rocks and technological research of non-metallic materials, research carried out botanical and chemical composition of peat.


In the physical-chemical laboratory performed chemical analysis of rocks. In the laboratory, there is crushing plant, where the sample milled to analytical conditions. Highly grinder produces thin sections and polished sections. Analyses are performed using instrumental methods (spectrophotometry, atomic emission and atomic absorption, spectral studies, chromatography). The laboratory also performed the spectral analysis, which makes it possible to determine the content of most of the elements of the periodic table. Hydro-chemical team analyzes water for 40 components (from the salt content, nitrate, iron, phenols and oil products to the chemical analysis of water extracts from soils and mobile forms of metals exploration).

Alternative activities

Besides the main activity of search and exploration of mineral deposits, groundwater and perform geological work in the structure «Southukrgeology» has units such as the «Pilot Production of exploration technology», which is engaged in repair, a complete set, as well as the development, improvement and implementation in the production of geological engineering. In 2000, together with the Azov GRE, this unit was designed and installed a mobile treatment plants based on KrAZ-257 with capacity of 1,5 m3 of rock per hour, which is now successfully working not only on our company, but also in Russia, Perm State geologies enterprise «Teokarta».


One of the company's divisions, which are not directly engaged in geological exploration, there is a children's recreation complex «Prospector», where during the summer holidays can relax at the same time up to 500 children. The complex is located in the resort area on the shore of the Azov Sea. He is famous for its green areas, cozy and beautifully orchestrated buildings childhood sports fields. In addition to simply relaxing on the beach here is carried out and treat children who are under the supervision of qualified doctors. MLC «Prospector» – one of the few children's health institutions in Ukraine, which went through prevention, prevention and treatment of a number of diseases. In 2002, «Prospector» entered into an agreement on health care for children with Kyiv clinic PMSI and medical-diagnostic center «New medicine».

Other activities

In «Southukrgeology» as the regional geological enterprise, carried out a № of functions in the study, protection and exploitation of mineral resources, including: keeping the state inventory and use of water, the current account of the consumption of groundwater, the harmonization of conditions of special water use, coordination of projects of construction of groundwater is water, the coordination of projects to accommodate the observation networks of underground water intakes on the landfills of industrial waste water, industrial and agricultural sites, the coordination of projects of objects – possible sources of groundwater pollution, drawing conclusions for the design of hydrogeology groundwater is abstracted using boreholes, compilation of studies hydrogeology for plots allotted for economic development.


Details: SE «Southukrgeology», ul. Chernyshevsky, 11, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49005, tel. (0562)323743, (056)3701635, fax: (056)3701635, e-mail:,


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