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Krivorozhskiy technical university

автор: Олег Хоменко

History. Date of foundation Krivoy Rog Technical University (KTU), Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport Ukraine (MESYS) – October 4, 1922, when under a special decree of the Soviet government in room 7 of the Summer School at the station Evening angle began working robot Krivorozhskiy evening school. His job was to prepare engineering and technical personnel for enterprises Krivorozhskiy iron. At the three branches of college – mining, mechanical and electrical engineering began studying 67 students and the learning process was carried out 20 teachers, 9 of whom had higher education. The first graduation took place in 1926, 12 students received diplomas college.


Formation. In 1929 the college was transformed into the evening working institution, and since 1931 – in Krivoy Rog Mining Institute. Since 1994, the institute gained the status of technical university. In the postwar years, the № of specialties, which was trained engineering staff, to 12? Individual teachers teaching staff were awarded the Lenin and State prizes. In 1969, scientists of the institute was exhibited at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR 39 research projects for which the Institute was awarded the Grand Gold Medal and Diploma of the 1st degree, and 29 teachers and 23 students – exhibition medals and awards. In 1972, for achievements in training of engineering personnel and the development of scientific research of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR awarded the Institute of Red Banner of Labor. A significant № of teachers and researchers were awarded state awards.


Structure. In 1982 the institute was awarded the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine. For nearly 90 years of university – this is the way the dynamic formation and development. Currently, Krivoy Rog Technical University is a multi-center Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Kryvbass. The structure of the CTS are 9 faculties, 4 College – Ingulets mining, Krivoy Rog mining and mining-electro-mechanical and industrial Ternovskii, 17 research laboratories, the center of preparatory training and postgraduate education, the preparatory department. The training of specialists at the university is conducted in 33 specialties by levels: bachelor, specialist, master. Each year, student tickets are nearly 1500 boys and girls The university is studying more than 6700 students. The educational process provides 424 full-time teachers and 24 part-time. Among them are full-time professors and teaching staff of 48 people (11,3%) – professors, doctors, 240 (56,6%) – Candidates of Science. All with academic degrees and academic qualifications 67,9%. Among the teachers of the KTU – 9 academicians, five corresponding members of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, 3 Honored Worker of Science and Technology, 2 Honored Educator of Ukraine, 3 of the International Academy of Computer Science and Systems, a Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, 5 winners State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology. Over the years the University has significantly improved its material and technical base. In accordance with the curricula and programs of research, equipped with a laboratory unit microscopy, mineral processing, mine surveying, production of ore, theoretical and applied mechanics, robotics, electrical measurements, automated electric drive, energy equipment to ensure and heat, the university lecture halls and mineralogical, paleontological and geological museums.


Potential. During the period from 1922 to 2008 in the university trained over 65000 professionals. Fellowship prepares research and teaching staff of 24 subjects and doctoral – 8. There are 3 specialized scientific council for doctoral and master's degrees in 10 specialties. Using the considerable scientific potential, in 1991 became the University initiated the establishment of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, whose president was elected rector of the Krivoy Rog Technical University, Professor V.F. Byzov. Creation of the Academy of Mining Sciences provided an opportunity to more effectively connect the learning process with the scientific activities of academic institutions and departments to prepare professionals who would meet modern requirements. Improve students' practical training promotes the work of 7 branches of manufacturing departments in modern enterprises and organizations of the city – PC «Constar», PC «ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog» mine «Giant», PC «Krivoy Rog gas» institute «Mehanobrchermet», «Ukrainian State Research Institute of Occupational Safety and ecology in the mining and metallurgy», «Spetsavtotsentr» – where under the guidance of highly qualified students do lab work, get acquainted with the latest technology, machinery, plant, study forms and methods of managing the workforce.


Learning process. The University has a strong educational and scientific base. Educational process and scientific work carried out in six educational and laboratory buildings. They have 65 classrooms, 93 laboratories, 12 classrooms, 11 reading rooms, 25 rooms, equipped with a set of technical means of education and educational television. In the educational process are widely used classes, equipped with personal computers, 7, drawing rooms, 6 rooms course and diploma design, six gymnasiums. All this contributes to high quality of excellence, meet current requirements and higher standards of education. The university operates the scientific and methodological advice, teaching tips faculty, teaching committee chairs. Scientific and Methodical Council considered normative and methodological materials in various areas of educational and methodical process. Over the past 3 yrs 350 published teaching materials, of which 76% of the Ukrainian language. The university used the traditional control system mastering the skills and knowledge in the disciplines: examinations, tests and protection course and diploma projects. In addition, throughout the semester, students are given individual assignments in some subjects, examinations are conducted. Schedule of the educational process provides for certification of students 2 times per semester. Results of appraisals are discussed at meetings of faculties, university administration and the Academic Council. To study the best practices of teachers at the university each year is a contest for «Best Department», «Best teacher». In general, the organization of educational process, personnel and procedural security, physical infrastructure and acquired almost 90 years of experience in training of highly qualified personnel provide opportunities for the KTU training of high level and in the XXI century. Today in the structure of the University of 9 faculties, 39 departments, among them – 25 manufacturing, pre-university training center and graduate education, department of international relations, scientific-research, 4 technical and more.


Research. Scientists at the University perform a significant amount of research on important areas of economic development of Ukraine, including: improving the technology of extraction of ore underground and open ways to develop more complete extraction of useful components for the enrichment of ores, the modernization of technologies and organization of construction work to optimize the management and automation production processes, in particular, on the basis of modern information technology. Dynamic human resources, promotion of research and material base CTS provided one of the leading technical universities in the state of Ukraine. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with related institutions abroad Krivoy Rog Technical University provides education at the world-renowned universities.


Details: Krivoy Rog Technical University, ul. XXII Congress 11, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, 50027, tel. (0564)232425, fax: (0564)748412, e-mail:,, web:


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