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Public Company «Sukha Balka»

автор: Олег Хоменко

History. PC «Sukha Balka» one of the leading enterprises specializing in iron ore mining by underground methods. The story begins with the plant in 1885, when British businessman, K.D. Perry, and later with the 1896 Trading House «Americas and Kº» began to develop iron ore deposits open. Today the company employs 4500 workers, who provide the production of over 3,0 million tons of sinter ore per year with an average iron content of 58%. Raw materials base is represented by plant rich iron ore deposits in the main martite, at least - of the hematite. Stocks deposits explored to a depth of 2060 m in the mine «Jubilee» and to a depth of 1,500 meters in the mine named after Frunze. The iron content of marketable ore in the range of 56–59%. In addition to rich iron ore mines in the fields has significant reserves of the magnetite quartzite, which availability of up to 200–300 years.


The structure of the enterprise are mining shafts, «Jubilee» with a production capacity of 2.25 million tones of sinter ore per year, and the Frunze – 1,05 million tones of sinter ore per year with crushing unit and the sorting and processing plants, as well as shaft construction management (leads Mining capital works and construction of facilities on the surface), electromechanical plant (which provides the mines in the nomenclature of plants rudoremontnyh Kryvbas), motor transport shop (allows you to quickly solve the issues of mines and plants, has a large fleet of different vehicles and its own repair facilities), trade and commercial management (has an extensive network of stores of food and industrial products, brewery, bakery, shop for the manufacture of knitted goods), the management of construction works (performing the work necessary to ensure that primary production, and also solves the social and domestic issues at the enterprise).


Products – iron ore sinter with iron content ranging from 56 to 60%, according to specifications TU № 14-9-359-99, lumpy ore domain with an iron content of 47 to 50%, according to the specifications of TU 14-9-359-99.


Consumers: Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol and, Enakievo Metallurgical Plant, PC «ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog», metallurgical plants in Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Mine «Jubilee»

Mine is the «Jubilee» is developing several separated columnar ore bodies, which are below the horizon 940 m merge, forming a deposit of up to 1300–1700 m and ranging from 10–15 to 55 m. The angle of incidence and parallel to the main deposits of 56o.Hanger complex martite and silicate-carbonate-magnetite hornfels strength of 160 MPa, and the footwall – quartz-sericite-chlorite schist’s strength of 120–140 MPa. Shaft «Jubilee» performed to a depth of 1210 meters and the mines «Central» – 1370 m. The preparatory work is carried out at the horizon 1180 m and the mining capital – 1260 and 1340 m Testing of 67% of the ore reserves at the mine «Jubilee» is story chamber system development and 33% – sublevel-breaking chamber with vertical ore fans of deep wells in the horizontal sweeps. Height are working on floor 80 m.

Mine them. Frunze

Mine them. Frunze developed reservoir separated, columnar and as nest ore bodies, whose length varies from 110 to 600 m, capacity from 8 to 25 m and the angle of incidence of 55–72o. Roughly 65% ore deposits have a strength of 100–120 MPa, and 35% – 30–60 MPa. Hanging wall quartzite complex martite strength 90–130 MPa, and lying – hematite quartzites strength of 70–90 MPa. The depth of the production of clean-up – the horizon of 755 meters, but do not exceed gornokapitalnye depths up to 1000 m.


Details: РC «Sukha Balka», ul. Constitutional, 5, Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine, 50015, tel. (0564)535926, fax: (056)4048087, e-mail:


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