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І PARTNERSХ Geological organizationsХ SE ЂSID?M ЂKrivbassproektїХ USGRIХ SE ЂSouthukrgeologyїХ ????? ?.?.Х Research institutesХ Realization of project-designer worksХ IGTM NAC of UkraineХ Ground of economic evaluationХ Development of possible technical decisionsХ Implementation of research worksХ Registration of results researchesХ LLC ЂEast-OreїХ SE ЂEastern MPCїХ Assistance in implementation of worksХ Business concerns, companies, firmsХ Machine-building enterprisesХ ?C ЂKrivorozhskiy OMCїХ PC ЂArselorMittal Krivoy RogїХ PC ЂSukha BalkaїХ ?PC ЂZaporozhe IOCїХ Private enterprisesХ Mining enterprisesХ Manganese-oreХ PC ЂMarganetsk MP?їХ Educational establishmentsХ State HEI ЂNational mining universityїХ Mining technical KTUХ Manganese mining college ЂNMUї Х Krivorozhskiy technical universityХ Public organizationsХ Dnipropetrovsk council of young scientistsХ Fund of scientists UkrainianХ Dnipropetrovsk regional council of young scientistsХ Working wordХ Red minerХ Mining announcerХ Labour gloryІ COLLABORATIONХ ResearchХ Raising of industrial experimentsХ ??????? ?.?.Х ???????????? ?.?.Х ??????? ?.?.Х ????? ?.?.Х ??????? ?.?.Х ????????? ?.?.Х ?????????? ?.?.Х ?????? ?.?.Х ???? ?.?.Х ????? ?.?.Х ?????? ?.?.Х Forum minersХ Estimation of treatment of resultsХ Coauthor in patents, licensesХ UraniumХ Selection methods of researchХ EducationalХ Announcer of the gifted young peopleХ StarХ Student NMUХ Announcer NMUХ Booty of concomitant mineralsХ School of underground developmentХ Collection of industrial informationХ Edition of joint publicationsХ Economic evaluation of supplies stoneХ Booty of iron, uranium, manganeseХ ?????????? ?.?.Х ?????? ?.?.Х ?????? ?.Х ???????? ?.?.Х ????????? ?.?.Х ??????? ?.?.Х ??????? ?.?.Х ??????? ?.?.Х ????? ?.?.Х ???????? ?.?.Х ????????? ?.?.Х ????? ?.?.Х ?????? ?.?.Х ??????????? ?.?.Х ??????? ?.?.Х ???????? ?.?.Х ???????? ?.?.Х ??????? ?.?.Х ????? ?.?.Х MMC: achievements, problems and prospects of developmentХ Development of water-wet ore depositsХ InformativeХ Realization of foto- and videosurveysХ Implementation of requests on a searchХ Free access to the libraryХ Subscription on delivery and newsІ LIBRARYХ MagazinesХ AbstractХ ?? ?5Х ?? ?4Х ?? ?1Х ?????? ??????????Х ?? ?2Х ?? ?3Х ?? ?????????? ????????????Х Train aidsХ Mining reference booksХ ??????????? ???? ??????? ? ???? ????????Х Mining equipment for underground mining of ore depositsХ 9. ???????????? ??? ???????? ???? ? ???????? ???????? ??????Х ?????? ???????????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????????? Ц 2-? ???. ???????. ? ???.Х Mining machinesХ Single rules of safetyХ Methods of research and design of mining worksХ Mechanics of mining breedsХ Minong graphic documentХ Technologies of underground development of depositsХ ??????-?????????? ?????????????Х Planning of mining enterprisesХ Book-mark works and complexesХ Processes of underground mining worksХ Drilling and explosing Х Stationary machinesХ Aerology and ventilationХ AbstractsХ ?heoriesХ Physical processes round makingХ Pictures of mining pressureХ Indivisibility of matter and waves
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Air cooled condensers

SPR offers a complete line of refrigeration units designed for specific needs in the food industry (suitable for cold rooms, showcases, fermentation and general refrigeration units), chemical, retail (for storing food in convenience stores, stores and grocery stores) , and in other areas. Condenser installations are available in various models as well as standard sizes that corresponds to requirements and high efficiency for various refrigerating systems.


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Ўины дл€ с/х техники
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