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Educational-scientific-industrial portal «Rudana»


PARTNERS Geological organizations SE Southukrgeology ????? ?.?. SE SID?M Krivbassproekt USGRI Research institutes Realization of project-designer works IGTM NAC of Ukraine Ground of economic evaluation Development of possible technical decisions Registration of results researches LLC East-Ore SE Eastern MPC Assistance in implementation of works Implementation of research works Business concerns, companies, firms Machine-building enterprises ?C Krivorozhskiy OMC ?PC Zaporozhe IOC PC Sukha Balka PC ArselorMittal Krivoy Rog Private enterprises Mining enterprises Manganese-ore PC Marganetsk MP? Educational establishments State HEI National mining university Mining technical KTU Manganese mining college NMU Krivorozhskiy technical university Public organizations Dnipropetrovsk council of young scientists Fund of scientists Ukrainian Dnipropetrovsk regional council of young scientists Red miner Working word Mining announcer Labour glory COLLABORATION Informative Realization of foto- and videosurveys Free access to the library Exchange by news and information Student NMU Announcer of the gifted young people Star Announcer NMU Implementation of requests on a search Subscription on delivery and news Research Raising of industrial experiments ????? ?.?. ?????? ?.?. ?????? ?.?. ???????????? ?.?. ??????? ?.?. ????? ?.?. ??????? ?.?. ????????? ?.?. ???? ?.?. ??????? ?.?. ?????????? ?.?. Forum miners School of underground development Estimation of treatment of results Coauthor in patents, licenses Booty of concomitant minerals Edition of joint publications Choice of approaches researches Selection methods of research Collection of industrial information Uranium Economic evaluation of supplies stone Collection of industrial information Booty of iron, uranium, manganese ???????? ?.?. ???????? ?.?. ????? ?.?. ???????? ?.?. ?????? ?. ??????? ?.?. ?????? ?.?. ????????? ?.?. ??????? ?.?. ?????? ?.?. ????????? ?.?. ?????????? ?.?. ??????? ?.?. ???????? ?.?. ??????????? ?.?. ????? ?.?. ????? ?.?. ??????? ?.?. ??????? ?.?. MMC: achievements, problems and prospects of development Development of water-wet ore deposits LIBRARY Train aids Methods of research and design of mining works Mining machines Processes of underground mining works Mechanics of mining breeds Minong graphic document Mining reference books ??????????? ???? ??????? ? ???? ???????? ?????? ???????????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????????? 2-? ???. ???????. ? ???. Mining equipment for underground mining of ore deposits 9. ???????????? ??? ???????? ???? ? ???????? ???????? ?????? Stationary machines Planning of mining enterprises Technologies of underground development of deposits ??????-?????????? ????????????? Book-mark works and complexes Aerology and ventilation Single rules of safety Drilling and explosing Abstracts ??????????? ????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????????? ?? ?4 ?? ?3 ?????? ?????????? ?? ?1 ?? ?2 ?? ?5 Magazines ?? ?????????? ???????????? ?heories Pictures of mining pressure Indivisibility of matter and waves Physical processes round making
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Completion of the library portal Rudana
Just published a new textbook (Physicochemical geotechnology / N. Tabachenko, A. Vladiko, O. Khomenko, D. Maltsev D.: NU, 2012. 310 p.). Reviewers were M.S. hetveric, Ph.D., senior researcher Fellow, Professor, Head of Department of geomechanical main mining IGTM them. N.S. Polyakov NAS and V.V. Tsarikovskiy, Ph.D., senior researcher employee, department head, underground mining and geomechanics Enterprise Research Institute of Mining.


S. Storchak
Paradoxes in the dumps
Stable operation of one of the leading sectors of the economy, providing a quarter of commodity production and half of foreign exchange revenue (and sometimes even 90%), depends primarily on the stable supply of raw materials. The sin of complaining, with iron ore we are lucky train. In its reserves of Ukraine one of the richest countries in the world. But permanent primary conflicts between domestic metallurgical companies indicate that many is not necessarily good.

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