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Науковий вісник НГУ 2006 р №5




Pivnyak G. Energy-saving in the industrial sector of the economy of Ukraine
Schmidt M., Pivnyak G., Palekhov D. Reformation of regional management in Ukraine as compared to experience of Germany
Pivnyak G., Zaika V., Samoyienko V. Means of energy usage monitoring in coal production
Beshta O., Syomin A. Mathematical description of asymmetrical asynchronous motor
Pilov P., Miadetskiy I., Kobets E. Determination of product output in compile separation schemes
Krivoschekov V., Ermak O. Structure of viscous fluid flow in the slotted channel
Bondarenko V., Kovalevskaya I. Geomechanics of spatial interaction support of mining workings with the rocks massif
Kolokolov O. Hazard out busting of coal seams from the point of fief of dilotantency and influence of tidal forses
Novikova L., Zaslavskaya L., Yavorsky A. Definition of stiffness coefficient of undermined non-uniform stratified massif
Buzilo V., Shirin I., Korovyaka E. The use of ore conveying while thinveined steepfalling deposits mining
Gumenik I., Panchenko V., Hihlov D. Development of standard functional procedure to solve the problem of designing and planning open cast mining
Shashenko A., Gapeyev S., Pashko A. Geomechanics of heterogeneous rock massif within neighbourhood of expert horizontal working under the conditions of inrush
Shashenko A., Majcherczyk T., Khozjajkina N., Kuzhel S., Lozovskij S. Investigation of coal strata roof distraction while horizontal longwall mining
Shashenko A., Sdvizhkova E., Solodyankin A. Probabilistic estimation of the development stability in affected area of coal-face works
Sdvizkova E., Ryazantsev A., Babets D. Numerous modelling of rocks properties variation in some geome-canical problems
Shashenko A., Tajdus A., Solodvankin A., Gapeev S. To a problem on the big static deformations theory of amine workings contour
Shashenko A., Maslennikov E., Solodvankin A. Development of acoustic control method of mode of deformation of the coal massif in the process of underground mining
Didyk R, Kozorezov K. Conditions of submicrocracks formation during shock-wave treatment of metals
Sobolev V., Chernay A. Physics and chemistry of materials treatment
Rudakov D., Sadovenko I. Modeling of methane emission during working out and flooding the mine field
Khilov V. Application of computer-aided drives in new generation boring rigs for open pit's in Ukraine
Sarycheva L., Boyko A. Geomatic clusterization based on ecological-social-economical monitoring rates
Kolesnik V., Golovina I. Prediction of diffusion process of the main coal-mine fan dust emission on the basis of computatinal experiment
Golinko V., Cheberyachko S., Kolesnik V., Ishchenko A. Assessment of protective efficiency of filtering Respirators
Lapitski V., Borisovskaya E. The study of the clay use to decrease industrial waste toxicity
Korotenko G., Korotenko L, Vlasova T. About a place of virtual machines in models of ecological analysis
Ryzhenko S. The ecological and hygienic aspects of environmental pollution influence
Gorova A., Kolesnik V., Pavlichenko A. Methods of assessment and prognosis of population's health depending on the level of pollution of environment objects
Kovalenko V., Shashenko D. Aspects of development of a scientific - technological and innovational policy in Ukraine
Reshetilova T. Underground space utilization effects in economics
Salli V., Sharov A., Morozova N. Economic estimation of the situation of the low-effective coal mines of Ukraine in the view of environmental factor
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